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Employment Services for the Laredo, TX area

Employment can be difficult on both sides of the coin. If you are an individual searching for a job or if you are a potential employer looking to fill an opening in Laredo, TX, it can be difficult to know where to start. BPR Staffing is here to help. Our job recruiters match employers with job seekers, whether it be for a permanent or temporary employment opportunity. If you're thinking of working through employment agencies in Laredo, give our staffing experts a call.

BPR Staffing has been proudly serving the Laredo, TX area with temporary employment opportunities since 1992. We are a locally owned and operated company. Our services help bring individuals and companies together, and allow both parties to determine if they are right for each other.

Staffing Agencies Laredo, TX Each employee is hand-picked for each assignment to ensure they will be a match. As one of the top employment agencies in all of Laredo, we provide a rigorous interview process to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant.

Applicants are required to provide information about their work history, skills, interests and preferences. Every applicant is fully screened, tested and has their references checked.

BPR Staffing always provides the option to interview our matched applicants and decide which one you believe will fit your company's needs the best. Give us a call today if you would like more information about our employment services 956-727-4296.

We offer temporary employment solutions for those in need!

Are you having a hard time finding a job in the Laredo, TX area? At BPR Staffing, we offer temporary employment to get you back out in the work field. We carefully match our clients to the right job according to the skills they portray and the skills needed for the job. Temporary employment can be for seasonal work, a position needed for an absent or vacationing employee, parental leave, or other special times.

As an employment agency, we strive to match the right candidate to the optimal job. Temporary employment is our main focus. We thoroughly review all of our candidates to ensure that all of our placements are a great fit.

Temp Agencies Laredo, TX Getting your foot in the door with a temp agency is a great start for getting back in to the work force. If you have struggled to secure a job on your own, our staffing agency may be able to help. We work with people who are ready to start work but have been unsuccessful in locating work on their own. Our job recruiters will work with you to find a position that is a good match for you.

If you've been curious about what a temp agency can do for your career, BPR Staffing is a great place to start. We are committed to our clients and securing temporary employment that matches their skill set. To best meet the ever changing needs of the job market, our job recruiters are here to assist all of our clients.

We Offer A Temp To Hire Program

Our Temp to Hire program allows companies to place the new employee in our payroll system for 90 days to determine if they are a fit. You will pay the employees wage plus the payroll taxes through us; everything is combined onto one bill along with our fee to keep everything as organized and simple as possible.

If after the 90 day period you want to bring the temp on full time you can do so without having to pay any additional fees.

This temporary employment option is just one more easy way to find the perfect candidate for your open position. Our staffing agency does the hard work for you. We'll screen applicants from throughout the Laredo, TX area to find the perfect fit for you and your company.

Direct Placements Through Our Staffing Agency

We also offer regular full time direct placements. As one of the best staffing agencies, BPR Staffing will Job Recruiters Laredo, TX conduct the search, interview and hiring process for your new employee. We only charge a flat, one-time, 10%-25% fee for our finder fee. This is a simple and cost effective way to add a new employee if you do not have a human resources department!

If you are an interested applicant, please contact our job recruiters or account executives immediately. We can proudly say we are one of the best temp agencies around because of our high employment percentages.

BPR Staffing provides professional employment services to the entire Laredo, TX area. You haven’t seen any other staffing agencies like us! Give us a call today for more information about our services and how to find the right employee: 956-727-4296!

Products & Services

Temporary Personnel:  

Our Temporary Personnel is carefully matched with the right skills required by your company to complete the job assignment.  Our Temporaries can fill in for absent or vacationing employees or during peak periods or special projects.

  • Short or Long Term
  • Sick Leave, Maternity leave, Special Projects
  • Regular Full Time Personnel
  • (Direct Placement)
  • Temp-to-Regular Full Time
  • (Try before you hire program)

Employee Leasing:

  • Executive and Professional Search
  • Specialized in Manufacturing/Twin Plants Personnel
  • Human Resources Assistance
  • Safety Training Program
  • Fork-lift Safety Driving Certification

Human Resource Management:

  • Decrease management's time spent on Human Resource Administration
  • Long term cost containment related to Human Resource Administration
  • Lower Workers' Compensation Insurance Administration
  • Implementation and compliance of employee related forms and applications
  • Updating Yearly Employee Handbooks
  • Relief from employee related record keeping
  • Compliance with job description and evaluation process
  • Hiring and Termination procedures

Worker’s Occupational Accident Policy:

  • File and claims management program
  • Competitively priced Workers' Compensation Insurance

Payroll Administration:

  • Payroll calculations and liability
  • LNB Direct deposit and free checking accounts
  • Custom payroll reports
  • W‑2 and W‑4 filings
  • Remote payroll functions
  • Complete and accurate record keeping
  • Payment of FICA, FUTA, SUI and Federal Withholdings
  • Quarterly tax reporting

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